Ground Handling



With 40+ years of combined operations experience from many different jurisdictions and aviation backgrounds, we have created the most comprehensive, efficient and safety-conscious Ground Handling company you will find.

Blue Aviation has contract agreements in place with all of the major ground handling equipment companies.  By doing this we can drive down the cost while ensuring the highest quality services every time.


Blue Aviation Staff are trained up to and beyond International industry standards, ensuring that we comply with even your most stringent regulation.

Our goal is quality and on-time performance, but always ensuring that best practices are followed, guaranteeing the highest level of safety and security for your equipment, crew, passengers and cargo.

Whether your requirements are for ad-hoc or scheduled flights, we will always make sure that your aircraft, its crew, passengers & cargo receive the best possible service.

  • VVIP & VIP Ground Handling

  • Diplomatic & Military Ground Handling

  • Ramp & Passenger Supervision

  • Crew & Pax Transportation

  • Refueling

  • Airport Slots & PPR Coordination

  • Immigration & Customs

  • Interior & Exterior Cleaning

  • Onsite Security

  • In-Flight Catering

  • Hangar Facility

  • Offloading and loading the aircraft,

  • Provision of GPU, ACU and Push-Back/Towing services 

  • Preparing of toilet and water services to the aircraft,

  • Storage of pallets, containers and other unit load devices.