Flight Support


Blue Aviation Operations team operates a 24/7 schedule. 

In this way, we can ensure to take care of all permissions and slots, whether your flight is overflying, landing or you are operating on behalf of a carrier.

We ensure that you get issued your Overfly, Landing, Special or Diplomatic Permit in the fastest and most convenient way.

We monitor your aircraft as soon as it enters Kuwait (FIR), forwarding the flight's messages and routing to one of our chosen Ground Service Providers to ensure speedy and efficient services, from setting up the stands and readying MAAS, to preparing the VIP hall with cooperation with the airport authority.

Our Flight Support services in all locations include but are not limited to:

  • Diplomatic Clearances

  • Airport Slots

  • PPR

  • Ground Handling Arrangement

  • Fuel Arrangement

  • Flight Tracking

  • Flight Watch

  • Flight Documentation

  • Load Planning

  • Ground Security Coordinator

  • Runway Analysis

  • Overfly Permits

  • Landing Permits