VVIP, VIP, Private Services

Highest quality in services with the peace of mind that you deserve

Blue Aviation is well aware of the high standards required by our VVIP and VIP/Private clients.
All of our staff are trained to a highest international standards and are very experienced in the delivery of customer service and safety.
Providing you with the peace of mind that you will receive the highest quality in service.

Blue Staff provide the VVIP & VIP Clients with private immigration and customs services. Along with preparing the required visas upon arrival for the passengers and crew.
There is also passenger private security available during the arrival and baggage reclamation process. Additionally, we provide private first-class transportation for your client and their luggage to take them to their hotel.

The crew of the VIP/Private flight are also provided within our operations.

The operator can enjoy additional savings by utilizing the competitive prices that can be enjoyed when booking the likes of accommodation, catering and transportation for the crew. Blue Aviation representatives will coordinate with operator representative to manage crew pick up and drop off, and additionally, we offer the crew all necessary information by using our 24 hours contact line, to keep them updated to any operational changes

VVIP, VIP, Private Services

Beautifully designed and spacious passenger facilities

On-site customs and immigration clearance. Fast and convenient passenger and baggage screening

Easy booking for limousines, taxis, hotels, rental car

Lounges and conference rooms available with full amenities, including catering, for on-site meetings

Full-service cafe in the terminal for passengers and crew

Special care/needs for VIP Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM)

Upon arrival, our very special customers are treated with a red-carpet welcome and deluxe vehicles are available to transport the guest wherever they wish to go.