HOTAC / Catering

Delightful in-air dining experience

Our team has the knowledge and experience to assist you in choosing the best hotels within the region to make your stay a memorable one.
In the air, we select only the best kitchens to supply you with your in-flight dining needs, ensuring to provide an international menu for private and commercial flights.

All services are additionally taken care of, such as:

Loading/storage and preservation food

Laundry & dishes cleaning.

All ordered dishes are prepared shortly before delivery and therefore do not use preservatives like for example gelatin

Among other things, we are also specialized in special needs food for people with gluten and lactose intolerance or allergies.

Religion restricted diets as well as Vegan, Vegetarian and Organic based orders are taken very seriously and whatever ethical or religious reason you have for the choice of your meals, we will handle it with respect and caution.

Laundry Service additionally available to ensure that the table linen is as fresh as the food.