Ambulance Service (Medevac)

We recognizes the critical importance of speedy and accurate service for ambulance flights.

In case of an emergency, we are ready to quickly arrange medical support on an aircraft with a full set of intensive care equipment, accompanied by a qualified team from wherever you are located, anywhere in the world. A crew and a group of doctors are available 24/7, ready for departure and assistance.

At Blue Aviation our number one priority is providing a service of outstanding quality, unique to each customer’s individual needs, and no needs are more crucial or varied than those of the air ambulance and medical or transplant-related flights.

The success of these flights can literally be the difference between life and death, we understand that your ground service provider plays a small but crucial role in delivering a positive outcome for all involved.

Blue Aviation’s vast experience in working across this sector from ground handling through to aircraft charter, we understand the need for urgency, flexibility and compassion which makes Blue Aviation your ground service provider of choice for air ambulance, medical and transplant flights in Kuwait.